Kingdom Culture Life Group:

Google Meet Code: 692-601-1147

Overcomers Life Group:

Zoom ID: 692-601-1147

(623) 223-0723

Family Focus Lifeline Group:

Zoom ID: 482-183-551

(708) 200-6761

Rise Up Women’s Group:

Zoom ID: 897-1560-6297

Password: 1234

(630) 504-8623

New Beginnings Life Group:


Legacy Life Group:

Zoom ID: 686-797-4214

(708) 548-7077

We believe life is not meant to be lived alone, and that life change happens not just in rows, but also in circles.

Therefore, we’ve specifically designed our
Life Groups to help a larger church feel small. We offer a variety of groups for all stages & ages of life and schedules.

For information on a life group near you please call 1-855-962-4425